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 National Park

Dorigo is a city up on the mountains in New South Wales. It is a very nice to spend the winter or summer with a good glass of wine and to chat close to a fire place. But this place survives over the lazy people offering lots to do and visit. There are historic venues from the early nineties when it was a very busy logging region. The small city downtown offers good restaurants and pubs where visitors are always welcome. Worth to visit it, and just the traveling to reach the top of the valley is fantastic. The road goes sideway to the river showing a mix of beautiful rural and rainforest. But the poor driver cannot enjoy the scenery and must pay attention to the road full of curves. It is also a very popular road for motorbikes, up and down in groups on the weekends.

The fist city on the way to Dorigo is called Bellingen and it is a must to stop and visit. This small village is a dream of people interested in decoration, antiques and home ware. The atmosphere of the cafes in Victorian style and a vibrant commerce invite you for browsing the retail shops. The city is full of arts and crafts, gift shops, Indian and international home artifacts offering variety and good prices difficult to imagine in such small city. Stopping in Bellingen is also time to check the petrol and fill the tank. From there, going up in a very steep road to Dorigo, the next sopt will be on the top of the mountain. Even heavy vehicles are not permitted to drive in this narrow and winding road with no where to stop.

When you reach the top you will be on the Dorigo National Park. The city will be some km ahead and close to the park way there is a nice Camping & Caravan park. The access to the park is free and there is at the entrance a small museum with tourist information about the park and the animals. Maps of the area and walking tracks are available. They also have a lunch bar and a good lookout going like a trampoline inside the rainforest, where you can see fantastic views (photos on the top and side page). The vegetation is dense, sub tropical, and extremely humid, making difficult to the light reach the lower level of threes and plants. Many birds, marsupials and reptiles live over there but because the low lighting is sometimes difficult to spot.

Bushwalking and all kinds of tracking is possible even for disable people (most of the way it is very flat but may be some help will be good for steep parts) and you can choose a variety of ways difficulties degrees and how long you wish to walk. The trees are labeled for species and easy recognition. There is a very big focus on environment education. Over there exist a beautiful and big Tamarind tree, one of the biggest in the world. The longest trail is about 6 km, passing by many waterfalls. Another one is the Skywalk trail (photo) where an aerial bridge crosses the top of the trees and you can easy observe birds and nests without binoculars. All the Skywalk way is marked showing where you could see some species of birds and the nest location. 

At least 2 days visiting Dorigo Park and Bellingen must be part of any tour in that region. 

How to get there: From New South Wales, is located on the way between Sydney and Gold Coast, close to Coffs Harbour. The road going to Dorigo starts from the sea side road on the Highway n.1, close to Urunga city (Between Coffs Harbour & Nambuca Heads). The road signs showing the entrance is well marked and after that, you just go up and up....

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